How to get your ex back without looking desperate

How to get your ex back without looking desperate

Things go wrong is how to get your ex back? How to survive a breakup? This is a very painful issue, but one of those that must be answered in order to avoid additional damage caused by the occurrence of an obsession with an ex.

Trying to seduce your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend again can be a very delicate task that often ends up as a complete failure. Therefore, think carefully and make sure that you perform it correctly – and before that, read our tips. Try this 6 steps strategy If you want to renew your relationship after a break up as soon as possible. If you are already tried to get your ex back, most likely you were in the “tough times call for desperate measures” mood, which made you commit some unfortunate nonsense, such as drowning your sorrows in alcohol and calling your ex in such a state of mind You must understand that this type of behavior is only turning you into his/her doormat and that makes him run as far away from you.

However, this approach has six steps that should make you stronger, so that you can succeed in winning him back and hopefully forever, with the right attitude.

1.Accept his/her reasons for ending the relationship

When he presents his arguments why your relationship ended, don’t confront his reasons. Try to find the truth in what he said, admit your errors and say you are sorry because of them. It is better to be happy and loved, then to always be right. If you try to be right all the time, you allow your ego to run over and suppress the desire of your soul to be happy and loved.

2. Do not try to persuade him with all the reasons why he should come back

Attempts to persuade your ex, why he should come back, you’re actually making him run away from you. By doing this you are only making it easier for him to understand why he is still better off without you, because you are at that moment acting demanding and desperate. Nagging, scolding, and complete loss of control are the killers to any hint of attraction that can reappear between you too. Men are drawn to women who are self-satisfied. So, be happy, live your life and radiate good energy, which will make him wonder why you are no longer together Remember, you need to act as the first prize, a bonus, not a comforting reward. Never try to convince him to be with you.

3. Take responsibility for your role in the break up

In any break up that you have experienced until now there is your part of the blame. Instead of blaming your partner for what happened, look hard and deep to find out how you contributed to the break up. For example, if you are inclined to re-question your ex-partner, because you simply cannot trust him, it means that you have a serious problem with trust. Work a little on yourself to learn how to believe more in yourself, so you have confidence in others. If he comes back, then this issue will not occur anymore and won’t cause a new break up.

4. Let him come to you

It’s in human nature to value things that we had to fight for. In the moments when you miss him immensely, you can’t make the situation easy for him Instead of calling him in a moment of weakness, call a friend or your mother. Avoiding contact creates a space that allows him to start to miss you and wonder what you are doing. He will then contact you, because he wants to see you, maybe he only wants sex (which you should refuse politely) or he just misses you. As he makes the first move, you have to react calmly and firmly. Avoid sex with him until the issues that led to the break up are solved.

5. Make yourself a priority

Always put yourself in the first place and do what is best for you. When you finally return to the ex, do not begin the relationship from the point where you left off at the time of the break up. At this stage, he has more incentive and the will to solve the problems that led to the break up, because he wants you back Now it’s time to call things as they are, and to cross all issues that may affect you. Do not let him convince you that the problem was only in you. Even if the problem started with you. the way he reacted, or failed to act is certainly a worse situation. Work on yourself in order to solve all these issues, not allowing him to know that you started “cleaning the inside”. If you’re wondering why he does not need to know this: he simply will not believe that you changed for the better until he experiences it. Only work on yourself and observe how he reacts to the new you. If the reactions are positive, you’re going in the right direction, and if it continues to
react in a way that contributed to your break up, he is definitely not for you

6. Keep a clear and positive relationship image

Be clear about how you want your relationship to work in the future. Then behave accordingly and do things that will make you feel good about yourself Let it all unfold naturally, and stay open to the ultimate outcome If you find yourself becoming obsessed with the thought to get your ex back, relax and believe that things will get solved positively. If he doesn’t come back, you should know that ’’somewhere” there is someone who is better for you.

Warning: He is not worth all your effort if he financially exploits you, likes to “flirt” or cheat, verbally, physically and / or emotionally mistreats you, influences you to do things that are immoral or illegal, has a problem with addiction, compulsive lying, blaming others and never takes the responsibility for his acts.

Remember, an ex that is emotional and angry at you is better than the ex which is indifferent Indifference means that you’re really in the past, and that he’s exploring new opportunities. Or, put it this way: “The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference.”- Elie Wiesel, 1986

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How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Most of people have been there. Today, it’s a smooth sailing as you eat cotton candy and laugh yourself away in Fantasy Land. The next day, and without a warning, this ride malfunctions, and you realize that the fantasy land is no more. To some people, breakups may sometimes be out of nowhere. To some however, there are signs preceding the break up. Whatever the cause of the breakup, you may still be madly in love with her. So how do you get your baby back?

Identify what might have led to the breakup in the first place
The first step in winning her back is to identify what you did wrong that may have prompted her to ditch you. Only then can you correct the problem, and have a better chance of winning her over again. The two possible reasons why your girl might have dumped you are:
● She is no longer attracted to you
● Your relationship did not move on naturally

We will focus on how to get your ex girlfriend back in case she is no longer attracted to you.

She is no longer attracted to you

This is quite easy to fix. It simply means that at one point, she was attracted to you. It is down to you to find out what it is that attracted her to you in the first place. Could be any anything: looks, vast knowledge good sense of humor or any number or things. Surely there must be something that bonded the two of you. Go down the memory lane of those sweet days when you were head over heels in love, and find that thing that made her stick to you like a leech.

It could also be that some changes have taken place in you. Maybe you have gained weight, and it is affecting your sexual performance. Maybe you have become more silent these days, and you no longer kill her with your sense of humor. Rediscover that joking touch.

Give her time

Once you have a clue as to what might have led to the two of you going your separate ways, concentrate on correcting the anomaly. Meanwhile, don’t call her immediately after the break up or you will cut a figure of a desperate man. You need to make her think that you can actually live without her. This way, she will long for your call, and miss you even more. If you decide to call her later, she will be itching to get back and take her place.

Come back a changed man

It is important to show her your new side if you want her to come back to you. Show her your side that made her madly fall in love with you. The best way to do this is by giving her space that will let her forget how she currently assesses you. The trick lies in freezing her out, letting her forget things which informed her decision to leave you, and then she will slowly fall in love with the new you. Share with her how you missed her while she was away, and make it known to her that she is your No.1 girl.

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